Khadi Herbal Shikakai Shampoo Review

I wanted to try Khadi products for a while, so this time when changing my shampoo, I bought the Khadi Herbal Shampoo. Khadi is an Ayurvedic beauty care brand. Their products are 'manufactured under the guidance of qualified ayurvedic doctors and made up of Herbal active ingredients which are formulated from organically grown pure plant... Continue Reading →


Indus Valley Bio Organic Olive oil- Information, Price, and Where to buy

Indus Valley Bio organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an all in one oil, which can be used for hair and skin, as well as a massage oil. As per brand, the oil can be used as night cream, as makeup remover, as massage oil to strengthen bones and muscles, to reduce stretch marks, for dry and... Continue Reading →

So today I am reviewing Kaya Shampoo which I tried almost a year back. Kaya is one brand I wanted to try for a long time, so when I visited their stores, I ended up purchaisng a bag full of their products. I will post the reviews of other ones soon. Price : Rs 250... Continue Reading →

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