Organistick Lipstick- Review, Swatches, price and where to buy

I came across Organistick Lipsticks when I was searching for chemical free cosmetics online. I have been trying to move to more organic products lately, and try as much as possible to use products that are free of parabens, lead or other harmful chemicals, and that is why this Lipstick caught my attention.

About Organistick Lipsticks
Organistick, as the name suggests, is an all natural organic cosmetics brand, that specializes in chemical free lipsticks. The brand has only lipsticks in their portfolio. Their products are made of skin friendly ingredients, like Shea butter, beeswax, jojoba oil etc, and these ingredients are sourced through organic farming.

Other than these ingredients, the lipstick contains natural iron oxides, FD&C color, and Titanium Dioxide, which are all pretty safe – It has a low hazard rating in EWG Skindeep site.

And it does not contain lead, paraben, or animal fats, and is a very safe lipstick for everyday use.

I ordered 4 shades on Amazon. Read on for my review and swatches..



Brand Claims

Organistick comprises of Shea butter that acts as the perfect lip balm as well as moisturizer to protect your lips during cold and dry weather. With the presence of Jojoba oil in Organistick’s composition, you can easily heal your dry and chapped lips. Such premium quality natural & organic ingredients ensure highly moist and smooth lips enabling you to always feel comfortable and confident. You no longer need to worry about presence of any animal fat or toxic ingredients as Organistick is the most natural lipstick you can ever get!

It comes in simple black color no frills packaging. Not glossy, not vibrant, but one cannot expect high-end package, when the price is so low.  The actual product is what matters here

Price : Rs 299

Where to buy : Online stores. Not sure if it is yet available in stores. 

Light Maroon- Shade 03

Though it says light maroon, the shade is not at all light. But I was looking for a darker maroon lipstick, so, I am happy with this one. It gives the best color payoff of all four. I have dark pigmentation on my lips, but it covered the spots completely.

Nectarine- Shade 33

It looked like a nude shade in the images, but turned out to be purplish pink. I liked the color, though it was not what I expected. It also has ok coverage and staying power, and is good for everyday use. But, it settles on fine lines, and needs some rubbing every few minutes to even out. It stayed well when I applied lip balm on top.

Light Pink- Shade 19 


Now this one was a disappointment. I liked it seeing the bubble gum pink color in the images, but the actual color is not at all like what it appears. I would have still liked it, had it given proper coverage, but it didn’t, and also, the lipstick settled in between fine lines. I read good reviews about this shade, so I am guessing the one I received was a faulty piece. But I had already used it, so could not request a replacement.

Lilac Pink- Shade 27 

This shade was a surprise. By the look of it, in the images, it appeared to have neon hues, but the actual shade was a complete contrast. It looks more like a mixture of red and orange ( but not coral) giving a little bold, yet subtle look. It has got a good pigmentation. Of all the four shades, I liked this one the most.

Organistick Lipstick Swatches

Organistic Lipstick Swatches
Organistick Lipstick Swatches

Organistick Lipstick has got creamy textures and glides easily. Darker shades like maroon and Lilac pink is highly pigmented and gives good coverage in one or two coats, while lighter ones needs a little extra application.
These Lipsticks are quiet moisturizing as well. Although it is matte, it didn’t make my lips dry.  But if you feel it drying, you can apply lip balm or lip cream as base. I usually apply a lip cream as lip balm makes it appear glossy. Staying power is around 3-4 hours ( If you are careful) for maroon and lilac pink, while the lighter ones stayed intact for 2-3 hrs.

Now about the cons of the lipstick – It transfers a lot. Slight touch is enough to transfer the color. Firstly, give it atleast 15-20 minns to settle. But even after that, need to be extremely careful while eating, else it will get wiped away. But I didn’t have to worry so much about the chemicals getting into my mouth, as it is all natural and lead free lipstick.

Secondly, Its consistency varies from one lipstick to another, like the nectarine one settles on the fine lines of lips, while maroon and lilac pink didn’t. It also bleeds a little. So a lip liner is a must.

Oh and one more thing, I wish it was available in stores. Currently, it is available only on Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa and Purplle.

Other than that, I have  no other complaints about this Lipsticks.

Final Word
Organistick, as per my experience, is one of the best organic lipsticks available in India, in the lower price range category. It is a chemical free lipstick, has some good shades, is moisturizing, gives good coverage, and has good staying power, and all that in just Rs 149. I loved it, and will definitely buy some more shades very soon




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