Biotique Bio Honey Gel Face Wash Review

I used Biotique Bio Honey Gel Face wash in winter last year, so thought it apt to write the review now as it is winter again.
I was using Biotique Neem Face wash earlier, but when the weather turned cold, I wanted to switch to a milder one, as winter makes skin a little dry. This face wash has honey, and is for all skin types, so seemed good. Read on to know my experience.

Product nameBiotique Bio Honey Gel Face Wash
Shelf Life3 years
Shelf Life after opening12 months
PriceRs 119 for 100ml
Where to BuyAvailable across stores, and online

Banhaldi Rhizome, Arjun Bark, Neem Bark, Ritha Fruit, Pulp, Ananas Fruit, Madhu, Purified water Q.S
This is a ayurvedic product and does not contain any chemical preservatives. The ingredients lists boasts of all natural herbal products.


Hydrating face wash, 100% soap free, and contains natural ingredients. Dissolves makeup and impurities, softens skin and helps lighten complexion

Claims and directions to use

My Experience with Biotique Bio Honey Gel Face Wash

My Skin Type : Oily and prone to acne and blackheads

This is a gel face wash and has a mild pink color. Fragrance is not very strong, which I liked. It also gives a light lather ( contains Ritha fruit which is used for lathering), which I liked again. Too much lather reminds me of SLS. The Face wash cleanses skin well, removes dirt and did a decent job in removing excess oil, while at the same time not stripping the skin dry. It is dermatologist tested and not tested on animals. This is the good part.

Now coming to the bad, and there are a few. The face wash performance was average when it comes to black heads. While the Biotique neem face wash did great job in reducing blackheads, honey face wash did not help much. I had a few new blackheads, which eventually grew to acne ( my bad habit of picking on blackheads). I am not saying the face wash caused the blackheads, because my skin is naturally oily and blackhead prone. What I am saying is, the honey face wash did not act on black heads like the Neem face wash did.
The product also claims to lighten complexion, but I didn’t see any such changes in my skin even after three months. One more thing I didn’t like was it required a lot more washing to remove the soapy feel though I use very little gel.
Also, to add, I cannot say for sure if it contains any chemicals. Not sure if the ingredients listed is active ingredients only or contains everything that goes into the product.

Shelf Life

Pros and Cons of Biotique Bio Honey Gel Refreshing Foaming face wash

– Preservatives free, contains natural and herbal products
– Sturdy tube packing with flip open cap, does not leak and travel friendly.
– Cleanses skin without making it dry
– Suits dry skin
– Cruelty free, not tested on animals
– Budget friendly
– Mild herbal fragrance, feels refreshing.

– May not suit acne/blackheads prone skin. Did not act on my blackheads.
– Not sure if the product contains chemicals. The ingredients list seems to have active ingredients only.
– Did not lighten skin as claimed. Although I don’t like skin lightening products, I am making note of this only for review purpose.
– Leaves soapy/slippery feeling even after wash, needs more water to get the squeaky clean feel

Final Word
Biotique honey gel face wash is suitable for dry skin types, and goes well for winter. It may also suit the oily but non-clogged skin, Personally for me, I didn’t find it that very great as it only aggravated my acne problem.

Flip open cap


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