5 Best and Easy Home Remedies for Under Eye Dark Circles

Under eye dark circles can happen to both men and women. But it seems more bothersome to us women folks.  Hiding those dark patches under the eyes is like next to impossible, unless you are a makeup expert who can wave a magic wand ( aka brush) and hide it. But lets be honest, not all of us can afford, or have the expertise, to do celebrity style makeup.

And, can you imagine being decked up in layers of makeup, on your face, everyday, when you go to office, or run errands, say grocery shopping? No right? So, for us, less mortals, it is necessary to find out ways to get rid of the dark circles, rather than hide it.
Getting rid of dark circles may not be a easy task, but it is not impossible either. There are many products in the market, for under eye circles, which show great results too, but today, lets look at some home remedies, which are equally or even more effective than store bought products. Yes, home remedies takes time, but they provide a natural and long lasting solution, and is appealing to those of you who are apprehensive of the chemicals in the cosmetics and creams.

So, here are a few easy and effective home remedies for under eye dark circles*Please do a patch test before trying any of the remedies shared below.

Argan Essential Oil with Vitamin E oil

Best treatment for undereye dark circle Argan Oil

This is my personal favourite, especially because, Argan oil suits my oily skin very well and has not increased blackheads or acne. Also, this is among the best treatment for under eye dark circles that I have used so far.
Preparation and application
-Vitamin E oil Capsule – Qty 1- ( natural vitamin E preferred)
– Argan essential oil- 30-40 drops ( organic/cold pressed )
– Mix the contents and store in a container.
– Apply at night, and massage gently around the eyes area.
– Wash with warm water and soap/face wash in the morning.
– Do not go out without washing face, as Oil can attract dust and grim, causing blackheads and acne.
– Use this oil blend for minimum 15 days to see good results.
Argan oil already contains Vitamin E. Adding vitamin E capsule only enhances its effectiveness.
Argan oil, not only helps in reducing dark circles, it also moisturizes skin, and helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It improves skin tone, and makes it smooth.
Vitamin E oil helps to retain skin elasticity, thereby delaying the process of skin aging.
I work on my laptop for more than 9-10 hours a day, and often get deep dark circles. When it gets very bad, I resort to my Argan and Vitamin E oil blend. I must say, this has not only reduced my dark circles, but has also helped improve the skin tone, made the skin softer and smoother. Also, I have seen a considerable reduction in the fine lines, which is caused due to stress, dehydration, and aging.

Under eye region is more delicate than rest of the face, and needs special care. Applying this oil has really helped in moisturizing, and it appears more hydrated the next day. Overall, I can say, this oil blend makes my eye area look healthier.

I usually stop applying it once the dark circles reduce, because I am too lazy, or sometimes when I try other products. But I always keep the oils at home so I can prepare it  any time I want. I also use plain Argan oil as night moisturizer, and it gives a glow to my face in the morning.
I use the Soulflower Argan Oil. It is natural and cold pressed. You can buy it here on Amazon


Cucumber, Tomato and Lemon Juice

Home made treatments to get rid of dark circles fast

– Mix a tea spoon each of cucumber and tomato juice.
– Add 1-2  drops of lemon juice.
– Apply gently around the eye area.
– Leave it on for 30-45 minutes and wash with water.
– After dark circles reduce, use only Cucumber and tomato juice without the lime juice. Lemon is acidic and can be drying in the long run
Cucumber is a cooling agent, It soothes and moisturises dry skin. It also has vitamin K, which helps to reduce inflammation that causes under eye puffiness.
Tomato, Cucumber and Lemon juice, all have skin lightening properties, and is effective in lightening the darkened skin. It acts as natural toner, and helps in reducing acne and blackheads.
When applied on face, it helps to reduce blemishes, and evens the skin tone, also, giving a natural glow to the face.

Keeping cucumber slices on eyes is another way to soothe the eyes and reduce dark circles.

Cucumber for under eye dark circles


Raw Potato

Potato to get rid of under eye dark circles

Potato juice is one of the best home remedy to remove under eye dark circles. Potato can be used in two ways

– Potato Juice- grate a potato and squeeze the juice into a bowl. Soak cotton eye pad/cotton ball in the juice and keep it on the eyes, covering eyes and under eye area for 20 minutes. Wash off with plain water

– Potato slices- Take thin slices of potato and keep it on the eyes, covering eye lids and under eyes for 20 minutes.

– Use regularly for at least 15-20 days to see results
Regular use of potato helps to lighten skin tone, and reduce puffiness. It also cools the eyes, making eye area appear more fresh and healthy.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Best home remedy for under eye dark circles

– Cut open a piece of aloe vera leaf and scrape the gel. Remove the gel from the mid section of the leaf, and not from the gel sticking to the leaf, as this contains the sticky gum which is not good for skin.
– Massage the gel gently around the eye region. This can be applied all over the face too.

Keep it on for 30 mins and wash off.

Aloe vera is considered a miracle plant. It is a natural moisturizer, prevents aging, helps to reduce blemishes and stretch marks. Aloe vera is also used in traditional medicine to reduce inflammation ( mosquito bites, some cases of rashes).
Applying the raw gel everyday, on under eye circles, for a minimum of a month, reduces the puffiness, moisturizes skin, and lightens skin tone. It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and helps to combat signs of aging.

Under Eye Dark Circles- Causes and Treatment

Many a times, despite all the treatments, you may not see any changes, or the dark patches keep appearing again and again. So, Apart from above said treatments, or trying any creams/home remedies, it is also required to go to the root cause of dark circles.

There are several causes for appearance of under eye dark circles. Knowing the cause will help us to determine the right approach to combat it.

Lifestyle– One of the primary causes for dark circles is our lifestyle. Irregular sleeping habits, junk food, alchohol, smoking, etc all these leads to stress to our body, which shows in different forms, like illness, fatigue, anemia, and also on our skin. An unhealthy lifestyle, not only causes dark circles, but also fast tracks the aging process, causing wrinkles, pigmentation and spots on the face. So the first step towards a healthy body and healthy skin, is a healthy lifestyle.
– Try to get 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep everyday
– Avoid junk food, as much as possible try to have home cooked food, and a balanced diet consisting of lots of vegetables and at least two portion of fruits daily
– Drink minimum 2-3 litres of water everyday
– Avoid alcohol, coffee, tea and aerated drinks. Drink Water, or fresh fruit juice instead.
– Avoid active and passive smoking
– Incorporate at least 30 minutes of exercise in your daily routine. Also include breathing exercise, and stress management technique like meditation, pranayama, or prayers, anything that makes you relax. This helps to reduce overall stress, which in turn helps to maintain a healthy, younger looking skin.
Genetic– If under eye circles are prevalent in your family, then it can be genetic. In such cases consult doctor, as home treatments may not be of much help here.
Illness/allergies/skin conditions– Under eye dark circles can appear after a bout of illness, like viral fever or more severe cases like cancer, or after a major surgery. It can also come as a allergic reaction to certain medications, food items, or something you apply topically. Sometimes dark circles may appear due to some underlying skin conditions. In all these cases, apart from following a healthy lifestyle, also consult a doctor for better recovery.
Sun Exposure– While a little sun exposure can do no harm, and is required for Vitamin D, over exposure can darken or damage the skin.
Avoid going out in the afternoon sun and use a good sunscreen lotion on exposed areas ( apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before stepping out, so it gets absorbed well)
Under eye dark circles treatment needs a more comprehensive approach- lifestyle changes, healthy eating and maybe even doctor’s help. But along with these, the above home remedies gives a faster result, and also helps in keeping the under eye area healthy and you face glowing.




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