Soulflower Argan Carrier Oil Review

Today’s review is about Soulflower Argan Carrier oil. The brand claims that the oil helps regain shine and texture of hair, control dandruff , rejuvenate and moisturizes the skin as well as heals it. Does it give the results as it claims? read on..

Brand Soulflower
Product name Argan Carrier oil
Shelf Life 2 years
Shelf Life after opening 6 months
Price Rs 800 for 30ml
Where to Buy You can find it in selected stores, and online
Reviewer’s skin type Face- Oily, mildly acne prone;  Body- Dry
Reviewer’s Hair type Dry hair, oily scalp
Soulflower Moroccan Argan oil review
Soulflower Moroccan Argan Oil

Cold Pressed Argan Seed oil. Soulflower Argan Oil is cold pressed, which means it is extracted by pressing/crushing the seeds, without heating it. This process helps to retain the flavor and quality of oil, and also it is a safe method as no chemicals are involved in the process.

Soulflower Argan oil Ingredients
Soulflower Argan oil Ingredients

Directions to use
Can be mixed with a carrier oil, or can use directly on skin and hair. You can also add other essential oils to Argan oil.

Caution : Always do patch test before use. Though this oil is very lightweight, it may not be suitable for day time use on face. It may attract dust and cause acne or blackheads.

Soulflower Moroccan argan oil benefits and uses
Soulflower Moroccan argan oil benefits and uses
Soulflower argan oil directions to use
Soulflower argan oil directions to use
Soulflower Argan oil shelf life and price
Soulflower Argan oil shelf life and price
Soulflower Argan oil package
Soulflower Argan oil package

Soulflower Argan Oil- My experience

How I use Argan oil : I use Argan oil in following ways

  • Apply directly on face at night as a night moisturizer
  • Mix with my hair oil
  • Mix with my body oil
  • As base for lip balm
  • Use with other face packs, use it with face creams

I have tried several oils in the past and always ended up regretting. Even jojoba oil caused my skin to break out. So naturally, was very skeptical when I started with Argan oil, but this is one of the very few oils that has worked for me. I simply dab a few drops on damp face, massage for half a minute and leave it on for the night, and I can see the difference in the morning. Although, this does not show result like a rejuvenating cream does, like no overnight miracles, but my skin looks well hydrated in the morning. And continuous use did make a huge difference in my skin tone-  made it supple, reduced acne marks and under eye circles, and overall skin looked a lot healthier. Overtime I could also see my skin looking younger.

I used to mix Argan oil with my hair oil as well, but cannot say it did any major difference. Maybe you have to use more of it, but it is very expensive to use it as a direct hair oil.

I also add Argan oil to my body oil. I mix Around 50ml each of olive, almond and 100 ml coconut oil, and add around 10-15 ml of Argan oil, and a few drops of lavender essential oil. This blend lasts around 3 months or more. I apply it all over the body after bath, when my skin is still damp ( applying cream/oil on damp skin makes application easier, and also helps in locking the moisture in)  This I use only on days when I am at home, or at night, as oil can stain clothes. I can say without doubt that this DIY moisturizer has worked the best for my body skin, compared to any other product I have used in the past. It hydrates body like no other cream, and also makes it smooth and soft, and reduces small marks. (Although, I cannot attribute it to Argan oil alone, as it contains other oils as well)

I love Soulflower Argan Oil, because it is coldpressed, has no chemicals, and it has worked better for me compared to any other brands I have tried so far (note- this is not organic certified, or at least does not mention so in the package).

Pros and Cons of Soulflower Argan Carrier Oil

– Neat leakage proof packing, dark bottle which helps to retain quality of oils
– 3-4 drops sufficient for the face
– has very mild nutty fragrance, but not overpowering,
– Cold pressed and chemical free, no added fragrance
– Makes skin soft, reduces acne marks and dark circles ( although need to use for more than a month to show results)
– Worked well on my oily face as well as dry body skin.
– Did not cause acne
– Has anti-aging benefits
– Can be used to remove make up
– A cheap alternative to the expensive night rejuvenating creams.
– Lasts for more than 3-4 months if used only as night moisturizer
– Can use as a standalone moisturizer, or mix with other products

– Glass bottle packing- Although it is necessary for oils, can be a problem when travelling
– Expensive

Rating : 4.5/5
The product has a rating of 3.5 on Amazon and 4 on Flipkart

Final Say
Soulflower Moroccan Argan Oil, pretty much meets its claims. And it is an all-rounder, can be used on face, body as well as hair. And it did not cause any problem to my oily acne prone skin. Although expensive, it lasts longer if used carefully. This one has become an essential item in my beauty kit for over two years now. I use it whenever I feel my skin needs an extra boost of nourishment.

Soulflower Moroccan Argan oil pure and naturalSoulflower moroccan Argan oil reviewSoulfower Moroccan Argan carrier oil


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