Indus Valley Bio Organic Olive oil- Information, Price, and Where to buy

Indus Valley Bio organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an all in one oil, which can be used for hair and skin, as well as a massage oil. As per brand, the oil can be used as night cream, as makeup remover, as massage oil to strengthen bones and muscles, to reduce stretch marks, for dry and frizzy hair, etc. This is a cold pressed oil ( aka extra virgin) which means no chemicals  involved in oil extraction process.

The oil also contains, sunflower, almond, jojoba and wheat germ oils, which are all known for its amazing benefits for skin and hair. Olive oil is rich in Vitamin E, which is beneficial for maintaining skin elasticity. However, olive oil also contains oleic acid, which can cause acne

Where to buy : Available online at or on Amazon

See below for complete list of ingredients, uses, and user instructions

Indus valley Bio Organic Extra virgin olive oil review
Indus valley Bio Organic Extra virgin olive oil _ ingredients
Indus Valley Olive oil review
Indus valley Bio Organic Extra virgin olive oil _ Claims and Information
Indus valley Extra virgin olive oil uses
Indus Valley Olive oil uses
Indus Valley bio organic olive oil review
Indus Valley bio organic olive oil _ how to use
Indus Valley bio organic Extra virgin olive oil review
Benefits and Uses

Caution : People with acne prone skin, need to be cautious while applying on face, as the ingredients listed can trigger acne or blackheads.

Price : Indus valley Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes for Rs 199, which is a very decent price, considering that it is ayurvedic, and is free from harmful chemicals.

About the Brand : Indus Valley is an Ayurvedic Beauty care brand, with products ranging from oils, creams, scrubs to masks and even ayurvedic hair color. The brand claims to use certified organic herbs in their products, which are free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Read more about Indus Valley here

How I use the Indus Valley Extra Virgin Olive oil
I use this as an after bath body moisturizer at night, or on days when I am mostly at home. Oil can stain clothes, So, I don’t use it when I have to go out.
After bath, I apply the oil all over the body, while the skin is still moist so that it locks the moisture and allow it to absorb for 3-4 mins before wearing clothes.

Olive oil is an amazing natural moisturizer, and this one being cold pressed, is very safe for use. I am using it for the last couple of weeks, and it has already reduced dry patches on my back, elbows and knees.  Also, my skin looks nourished and has a natural glow now ( I was not using any moisturizer for almost two months before starting with this oil, so my skin was very dry and flaky). I also mix it with almond, coconut and argan oil for added benifits.

Also, I massage it to my hair and scalp twice a month, and wrap hot towel for 15-20 mins and then wash hair with shampoo.  This gives a good shine to the hair.

The oil is very pocket friendly, when you compare it to other creams and lotions, and it lasts much longer than any of other expensive products. Combined with the fact that, this is all natural with least or no chemicals, I would say Indus Valley olive oil, or olive oil in general is the best alternative to any other moisturizers available in market.

Buy Indus Valley Olive oil on Amazon

Indus valley_Extra virgin olive oilIndus Valley_ biod organic olive oilIndus Valley Olive OilIndus Valley Bio Organic Olive oil




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