Just Herbs Plump Up age defying anti wrinkle gel

Just Herbs is an Ayurvedic, and organic certified Indian skin care brand. Their products are made of certified organic ingredients, and does not contain any kind of chemicals, petroleum products or parabens. Also, They follow full ingredients disclosure policy ( claims taken from Just herbs site)

Price : INR 895 for 50gm
Available on : justherbs.in

See ingredients list, and product information below

Just Herbs Plump up ingredients list
Ingredients list
Just Herbs plump up age defying cream review
Caution and Information
Just Herbs plump up age defying cream review
Directions, and organic certification Info

My Experience with Just Herbs Plump Up Age Defying Anti Wrinkle Gel

I started using just herbs plump up cream after months of neglecting my skin due to health issues. My skin had turned extremely dry, dull and lifeless, but this cream/gel showed results within a week. Its not a instant result, like any chemical laden creams would give. My face looked moisturized within 2-3 days of use, but it took more than a week to get a noticeable glow.

After about a month, I can say my skin looked rejuvenated and I could also see visible difference in the skin tone. It does not lighten the skin, nor did I see any reduction in blemishes ( brand does not claim so either), but it makes skin look healthier, younger and supple. Also, this is an organic certified brand, so I did not have to worry about any chemicals going into my skin  ( you can see ingredients list and brand claims in images above) As for the fine lines and wrinkles, It made the finer lines disappear to some extent, but there was no much changes in the deeper lines even after 2 months use ( I would anyways not use any product that makes wrinkles disappear overnight.. it is possible only if the product has chemical ingredients)

Pros and Cons of Just Herbs Plump Up Age Defying Anti Wrinkle Gel


– Certified organic, does not contain chemicals, parabens, mineral oils or petroleum products.
– Light cream, gets absorbed easily
– Non greasy, does not leave residue
– Pleasant mild fragrance
– Makes skin glow within weeks
– Moisturizes skin and makes it smooth and supple
– Skin appeared healthier
– Did not cause acne or black heads
– Suited well for my oily skin

– Comes in a plastic tub pack that leaked
– Not much effect on deeper wrinkles
– Expensive at Rs 895 ( But was a worthy investment for my skin care)
– Availability- Have to buy online. Could not find in stores

Rating: 4/5


Just Herbs Plump Up Age Defying anti wrinkle gel review
Light green color cream

just herbs products reviewJust herbs ayurvedic anti aging cream

*ratings is based on the product results compared to the claims. We do not consider factors like price or availability when rating a product



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