Kaya Hair Essentials Nourishing Shampoo Review

So today I am reviewing Kaya Shampoo which I tried almost a year back. Kaya is one brand I wanted to try for a long time, so when I visited their stores, I ended up purchaisng a bag full of their products. I will post the reviews of other ones soon.

Price : Rs 250 on Amazon
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Kaya Hair Essentials Nourishing SHampoo with Hibiscus extracts and Almond oil review


Kaya Hair essentials shampoo ingredients

Claims and Instructions

Kaya Shampoo review
Claims and Instructions
Kaya Hair Essentials Shampoo
Flip open Cap

My Experience

– Mild shampoo, suitable for very dry hair
– Subtle fragrance
– Makes Hair Soft
– Lathers well
– cleanses hair and scalp
– Average priced, lasts for more than a month

– Has lots of chemical ingredients
– Not suitable for oily hair
– Does not give shine or bounce to hair
– Makes hair look limp
– Did not help with hair fall ( Although did not increase it either)

My Say
This is a regular shampoo and would suit very dry and frizzy  hair. It made my hair soft, but did not give shine or bounce, and made my hair appear thin and limp. If you have oiled your hair, then it will need second wash to remove oil. It Did not reduce hair fall, but did not increase it either. Even after two months of use, I did not see any noticeable improvement in my hair texture. All in All, this is just an average shampoo for me. But for people with very frizzy hair, this may work well.
Kaya Shampoo

Kaya Shampoo flip open cap

Kaya Hair Essentials Shampoo review


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