Oriflame Sweden Love Nature Purifying Blemish Solver Tea Tree for Oily Skin Review

Brand : Oriflame Sweden
Product category : Skin care- Blemish Treatment
Regular/Herbal/Organic- Regular
Price : Rs 399
Where to buy: Oriflame.in or from Oriflame consultants

Oriflame Sweden Love Nature Blemish Solver Tea Tree

Oriflame Sweden Love Nature Blemish Solver

Ingredients : The bottle is very small, and Ingredients not listed in it. So I have taken the ingredient list from Oriflame site.
MELALEUCA ALTERNIFOLIA means tea tree, which is antimicrobial and antifungal. Tea tree oil is very popular for its acne healing properties. It is a main ingredient is many of acne treatment products and creams.
It also contains salicylic acid, which helps to unclog pores and reduce blackheads.

How to Apply : I apply it on clean face, and then apply moisturizer/ on top of it. Applying is a little tricky, as the bottle is hard plastic and cannot squeeze it. You need to dot it on affected area/spot and press it a little to get the liquid out.

I applied it on small pimples as well and it helped to dry it out.

Pros and Cons of Oriflame Love Nature Purifying Blemish Solver- based on my experience

– Neat packaging, easy to carry
– Light liquid, can apply during day as well
– Herbal fragrance
– Lighter acne marks starts fading within a week, and vanishes in a month
– Dries out smaller acne/pimples. Heals the marks as well
– Did not irritate my skin
– Just a drop is sufficient on each mark
– Does not dry the skin
– Has salicylic acid and tea tree oil, both very effective in clearing skin tone.

– Takes longer time to fade deep marks and does not solve completely even after two months.
– The applicator gets dirty after few application. Cannot clean it.
– Unhygienic, as need to apply directly on acne and spots, though I have not seen any negative effects.
– Not easy to apply, the liquid does not flow out easily
– Not available at stores. Can buy only through Oriflame consultants

My Say
This is one of the most effective treatment I have come across for acne marks. It helps to remove smaller marks in a months time without bleaching or drying the skin. Stubborn marks will reduce by 50-60%, but takes longer time. Bonus was that it acted on smaller acne as well, helping to dry it and remove it within a week – though the product does not claim to work on acne.  The liquid has water like consistency, so can be used in the day as well.

Oriflame Love Nature Blemish Solver with Tea Tree

Oriflame Love Nature Blemish solver


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